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Have Lost Your Case At Immigration Court? All hope is not lost.

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Judges make mistakes just like all human beings.



  1. Was important evidence overlooked or ignored by the Immigration Judge?
  2. Did the Judge fail to properly consider testimony from one of your witnesses?
  3. Or was an immigration court rule or procedure used against you in an unfair manner?

If any of these types of errors took place, you have the right to challenge the Immigration Judge’s decision.


To do so, you usually need to file an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals. But immigration deportation appeals are not an easy task.


You Must Win Your Immigration Appeal In Order to Stay In The United States


Once you lose your case at Immigration Court, the government can remove you from the United States.


If you file a deportation appeal, doors remain temporarily open. The government will not take steps to deport you until your immigration appeal is over. Your hopes of living, working, and going to school in the United States remain alive.

The opportunity to become or remain a lawful permanent resident will close, perhaps forever, if you lose your appeal. So winning your immigration appeal could be your last chance to stay together with your family in the United States.


Deportation Appeals Are the Most Difficult Part of Immigration Law


Immigration Court appeals are a special type of deportation defense.


Helping clients in their appeals is the most challenging part of our deportation and removal defense services – and the most important for immigrants who have already lost their cases.


Your Case Is Unique – Whether You Have a BIA Appeal, Eleventh Circuit Appeal, or USCIS Appeal


Every immigration appeal is unique. That is why you need an experienced immigration attorney who must take an open-minded approach to finding solutions which increase your chances for success.


Immigration Appeals Are Highly Technical.


Few deportation appeals succeed without an immigration attorney who has a track record of handling appeals.

  • Meet tight deadlines. Once you lose your case at Immigration Court, you have 30 days to file a Notice of Appeal. A few months later, you get a new deadline: your written appeal must be submitted in just 21 days. Your immigration lawyer must be ready to quickly act with thoroughness and accuracy.
  • Understand appellate procedures. The Board of Immigration Appeals is allowed to make decisions on a “streamlined basis.” This means your immigration appeals lawyer has to get the facts and arguments in front of the appeals judge – and explain them clearly and persuasively the first time. There is no room for mistakes.
  • Preserve options for higher appeals. If you lose your appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals, you have the right to file an appeal with the Federal Court of Appeals, a higher court. You cannot afford errors on your BIA appeal – or you might damage your chance for a federal court appeal. Only 1 in 10 BIA appeals succeed. Your immigration attorney must preserve all your options.


  • Your immigration attorney’s location is not important. Immigration appeals presented to the Board of Immigration Appeals are almost always done entirely on paper. They are rarely made in person. 
  • We can work on your appeal no matter where you live. Our Practice covers anywhere in the United States. 



Your Immigration Attorney’s Experience

Immigration deportation appeals usually require a challenge to the immigration judge’s legal reasoning – a claim that the judge has not interpreted the law correctly. Perhaps the judge ignored testimony or overlooked evidence that was important to your case. This evidence may have led to a different decision.


Our law firm has a proven track record in immigration law and immigration court appeals experience. We have acquired an in-depth knowledge of immigration rules and procedures, deportation defense, and immigration trials throughout the United States.


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