Immigration Hold


If you are not a U.S. citizen or are illegally residing in the U.S. and you get arrested; chances are the immigration & Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) will place an immigration detainer on you, if you are brought to a jail or police precinct even for a day. An immigration detainer means that you cannot get out of prison case unless an Immigration Judge later orders it. Under this circumstance, we will file an expedited Motion for Bond Hearing whereby we will ask the Immigration Judge to order the release of the person on bond. Many people are given the false information that they cannot ever be released on the new criminal charges, even if they pay the bail. For many people nothing can be further from the truth. 


We have in the past successfully secured the release for persons from detention centers/jails with immigration detainers, even when they were in the U.S. illegally, with criminal records and even criminal convictions. Note that each case is different both in fact law and also in circumstance. Because of that therefore we do not guarantee the outcome of any case.


Many criminal and immigration lawyers, criminal judges and prosecutors incorrectly believe that once ICE places a detainer on a criminal defendant that the person will not get out of jail except when they are sent to their home country. That is incorrect because a lawyer can sometimes mount a strong defense against deportation. Deportation proceedings are a process and many people can apply early for bond to be released from incarceration while the case is still pending. There are many illegal immigrants that can be released in a few days or weeks – even with an immigration detainer – after hiring a skilled attorney. There are, however, some people that have aggravated felonies or narcotics trafficking convictions and other types of convictions that are not statutorily eligible for bond. Please call our office to know if the detained person is eligible for release on bond. Our Practice is solely dedicated to Immigration Law. That is why you should give us a call today.


Call The Law Offices of Ernest C. Egoh and we will review your case and promptly inform you if you or your family member is eligible to get out of his/her immigration detainer.


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